amdide.sys could not be found

I was installing Server 2003 on Dell 2850 got this error “amdide.sys could not be found” press any key to reboot.  I have installed twice and got the same message I thought it was the Windows Server 2003 CD, but it’s not it’s the Dell Assistance CD that’s ver. 8.5 causing the problem.  It does not give any error while you set up once it finishes copying the OS and re-boots then it gives an error.  You will need 8.7 Dell Assistance CD.  You can download from Dell website.  I have also known this has been a problem with Dell 2650 Server as well.  So in case, you have other Model that gives this type of error check out dell website to see if there is any updated Assistance CD that you may need.  Hope this helps to fix your problem