How to fix iDRAC6 communication Failure

How to fix the Dell PowerEdge server error “iDRAC6 communication Failure” and maybe get “power required may exceed PSU wattage” on the Dell PowerEdge server. Server internal fans running full speed, but everything else is normal storage, networking, CPU, Hard etc… Very strange, not reported any issue what so ever. Restarting server did not fix the issue. Looked at some blogs saying need to change iDRAC card, replace mother board, etc… It may be in your case if you have anything internal failed component.

Here are some screen shots of the error message I seen.

Firmware version 12.10.1-0001
iDRAC6 Communication Failure, Power required my exceed PSU wattage

After the firmware upgrade, you may see the iDRAC6 Communication Failure message. Link to download the firmware for iDRAC DELL PERC H700 Integrated firmware release 12.10.7-0001

Process to fix the error message:

  • Turn off the server and unplug the power cords
  • Press and hold the Power button for 30 sec.
  • Then Plug back the Power cords
  • Wait for 30 sec.
  • Then Turn the server on
Upgraded the Firmware to 12.10.7-0001

Hope it help others out there, please use this guide at your own risk, if you are getting any internal component failed this may not fix your issues and restarting server without fixing component may cause more issues.