How to fix iPhone Visual Voicemail

Visual voicemail is a great feature and very easy to use, since you can see the list of all your voicemail and just by clicking on it and can hear it too. There are times when your visual voicemail stops working on iPhone for some odd reason. This could happen for many reasons, if know what you have changed before visual voicemail was working, try undoing it, in most case you might not even remember. Here are a few things you could check to fix your visual voicemail for your iPhone. Note: if you are using an older version of iPhone you might want to update it to keep your iPhone safe and fixes bugs that might stopped visual voicemail from working.

Restarting your phone – in most case fixes it if some settings might have changed or hung which will clear out when you restart your iPhone

-Putting phone in Airplane mode – it will be under Settings, once airplane mode is on, then turn it off, this will refresh the network connection for WiFi and your mobile carrior

  • Check for Timezone, make sure its correct if you are traveling for some reason it may have not updated
  • Reset the network settings: Settings>General management (or About Phone)>Reset>Reset network settings. It will reset Wi-FI, Bluetooth and Mobile network
  • If you have not set up your voicemail set it by calling your own number from your own phone or press and hold 1
  • If you are using Wi-Fi calling feature and your WiFi network connection not stable you might have an issue, try turning off WiFi
  • If your Mobile Network service is weak in the area you are at, then you might also have an issue, wait until you are in better coverage
  • if none of these works, call your cell phone carrier and they will reset voicemail settings or network setting on their end, you might need to call them from another phone

Hope this helps someone out there who is having issues with iPhone visual voicemail.