how to fix sound issues in Windows computer

Sound problems

Playing sound is common, it should just work, but sometimes the software or driver causes conflicts which causes the sound to stop working. Windows 10 or 11 you will be able to fix the issue by going into troubleshooting sound, it will walk you through step by step.

To open the troubleshooter, you can right-click on the Sound icon in the bottom right corner

Select Troubleshoot sound problems

It will find all your hardware info, you can select the one you are having issues with and see if it fixes it for you.

In case the troubleshooter does not work you can do manual changes to your sound to get it working.

Open Control Panel\Hardware and Sound

Then click on Sound>Select the Speakers>Properties>Advanced tab

at the bottom you will see Signal Enhancements, un-check “Enable audio enhancements

Speaker Properties

That’s all, there are so many other options based on your hardware or selections, so pay attention to them and see which works for you.