How to secure against Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities?

This is one of the big security vulnerabilities that are affecting many systems because it’s the flaw in the processor, so the Operating system could be Windows’s, Linux’s, Mac’s, Android, etc… Devices could be Desktop computer, Laptops, Tablet’s, smartphone’s, TV’s, including your car software needs to be patched.

Dell: has released the patch for their devices, please go to this link and check it out, to make sure you are protected:

HP: A vulnerability has been disclosed with modern CPU architecture referred to as side-channel analysis or speculative execution. Researchers have nicknamed the vulnerabilities “Spectre” and “Meltdown”. The result of exploits could potentially lead to the loss of sensitive information 

Lenovo:  is aware of vulnerabilities regarding certain processors nicknamed “Spectre” and “Meltdown” by their discoverers. Both are “side channel” exploits, meaning they do not access protected data directly, but rather induce the processor to operate in a specific way and observe execution timing or other externally visible characteristics to infer the protected data.

You can read how to protect your Windows devices, Microsoft has released a security patch.  Here is a link to Microsoft where it list who is affected and what you need to do.

This is what I did for my computer using Lenovo, note each vendor has their own patch, some are still working on it and some have released.  It’s best to look up your model/bios version and make sure it’s up to date.

To see if your computer is protected, you can run PowerShell script that Microsoft has published

This is what it looks like before I applied the patch:

This is what it looked like after the updates:

You will also need to do Bios update from the manufacturing and may want to check other updates that you may need.

Note: when doing bios updates, some computer takes a little bit time and may look like a black screen doing nothing, but it’s finishing up a firmware update.  Do NOT shut down by force, otherwise, you will have a dead device.

Exchange 2010 Kerberos authentication failed

Exchange 2010 is about 8 years old, but many organizations still using it.  System admin like us needs to support, as much as we can, while keeping up with today’s technologies.  There will be times when you might get a message like this in Exchange 2010 Kerberos authentication failed.  There are many blogs, who have found a solution, I would just like to have for myself and maybe others will find useful too.   Here is the screenshot of the error, I saw, when trying to access the Exchange 2010 management console:

You may also get something like this too:

You might want to back up your registry just in case, one of the settings called “NodeStructureSettings”

Then run this command it fixed for me: by resetting the IIS via CMD command

Here is how you like it to be always, working without error 24/7

Hope you will never have to do the fix, but you never know

amdide.sys could not be found

I was installing Server 2003 on Dell 2850 got this error “amdide.sys could not be found” press any key to reboot.  I have installed twice and got the same message I thought it was the Windows Server 2003 CD, but it’s not it’s the Dell Assistance CD that’s ver. 8.5 causing the problem.  It does not give any error while you set up once it finishes copying the OS and re-boots then it gives an error.  You will need 8.7 Dell Assistance CD.  You can download from Dell website.  I have also known this has been a problem with Dell 2650 Server as well.  So in case, you have other Model that gives this type of error check out dell website to see if there is any updated Assistance CD that you may need.  Hope this helps to fix your problem