How to Change Screen Resolution on Windows 10

Why would you want to change the resolution?  If Icons or texts are too small then you can decrease the resolution, it will make your Icons and text bigger, but it would not be clear.  If your Icons are bigger and want smaller and clear, then you would increase the resolution.

To change the screen resolution on your Windows 10 computer, all you have to do is right-click anywhere on an empty area of your desktop, and then choose Display Settings


Click on Advanced display settings


Then based on your computer hardware you will have options to increase or decrease the Resolution.

Once you find the right setting, which works for you and then click on the  Apply to see the change.


You will see a screen with the message:

Keep these display settings?  Reverting to previous display settings in 15 seconds and counting down.  If you don’t click on Keep changes, it will automatically revert back.

That is it.  There are other settings you can find by installing the display driver software for your computer hardware, which gives you a lot more options.

How to Setup VPN on Windows 10

Setting up VPN on Windows 10 is similar to Windows 7 and 8, looks might be little different.  You will need the VPN server information to connect, your system administrator needs to give permission before you can connect.

  1.  Right click on the “Network icon” then Click on “Open Networking and Sharing Center
  2. Click on the “Set up a new connection or network
  3. Then choose the “Connect to a workplace” then Next
  4. Click on the “Use my Internet connection (VPN)
  5. Then fill in your VPN details:
    Type in Internet address: “VPN_address or IP”
    Destination name: Name the connection this will show on your network name (similar to your Wi-Fi name)
    Then Click “Create

That is it, now you can connect to your new VPN connection by clicking on “Network Icon” you will see whatever you named your VPN.  Note: if you have checked the “Remember my credentials” box, then it will connect to your VPN automatically, otherwise it will prompt you for username and password.