How to move your Start Menu

How do you move your start menu around your desktop screen? If your taskbar is locked then you need to unlock it first. Then Drag and Start menu to the “Right”, “Left”, or on “Top”. Then lock it back so you don’t move by accidentally.

How To:

1.  Right-click anywhere on the Taskbar. If you see “Lock the Taskbar” is selected just click on it to de-select.

2.  Once your Taskbar is unlocked then left click and hold then drag to where ever you want to move it to.

3.  Once you have moved to the right place then right click on Taskbar to lock it.

LEFT side Task panel View:

TOP side Task panel view:

RIGHT side Task panel view:

How to change start menu view

As you may notice on some computers using Windows XP have two types of views. One is XP view and second classic view. Do you know how to switch between them? Follow these easy steps:

  1. Right click on the “Taskbar” then click on “Properties
  2. Click on “Start Menu” then choose “Start menu” for XP view.
  3. For Classic view click on “Classic Start menu” then click ok.

Creating a shortcut to your Desktop

Creating a shortcut is very basic but I have seen many people move the program or file intend of creating the shortcut. The best way is just right clicking on the program or file then click on “send to” then “Desktop (Create shortcut)”. There are many other ways to create shortcut too. Here is a basic way.

How to create the shortcut of the program:

1. Go to “Start”> “All program” then choose the program that you want then click on “Send To” then choose “Desktop (create shortcut)

How to create a shortcut to file:

  1. Right click on the file that you want a shortcut. (It does not matter if it’s a local file or network file) Then choose “Send to” then “Desktop (create shortcut)”.

2.  All shortcut has an arrow on the Icon as you can see in the screenshot on the bottom:

How to Organize your files

Organizing Files

Organizing files on your computer is very important. It can get out of control very easily without you noticing until you come to dead end. When you see the message that says’s “low disk space” that’s when you realize that you been saving files that you did not needed or already saved somewhere else. What do you do? Then quick solution is copy files from one place to another place. But, when you needed it you don’t know where it is so you download again and save it until you see message again “low disk space” Continue reading “How to Organize your files”