How to Organize your files

Organizing Files

Organizing files on your computer is very important. It can get out of control very easily without you noticing until you come to dead end. When you see the message that says’s “low disk space” that’s when you realize that you been saving files that you did not needed or already saved somewhere else. What do you do? Then quick solution is copy files from one place to another place. But, when you needed it you don’t know where it is so you download again and save it until you see message again “low disk space” Organize it before it’s too late. Try following to help you organize files.

Basic and easiest way to Organize files:

  1. Save all your files to one place in “My Documents”.
  2. Within “My Documents” by default windows creates folder called “My Pictures” save all your pictures there.
  3. Within “My Documents” by default windows creates folder called “My Music” save all your Music there.
  4. Within “My Documents” by default windows creates folder called “My Videos” save all your Videos there.

NOTE: Windows saves files by default in these folders.


Advance Way to Organize files:

1. Create One Folder on C Drive or if you have bigger storage on another drive called “My Files

2. Within Folder called “My Files” Create More Folders Called “My Pictures”, “My Music”, “My Videos

3. If you download lot of stuff from internet then create a folder called “My Download” Within this folder you can create more folders like “Test”, “Useful Utility”, “Driver”, “Software”, etc.

NOTE: Windows does not save files on these folders by default. You need to browse to these folders.

Tips: Only create Folders as you need it. Don’t create too many folders that you may or may not know where to find when it comes to saving files to write folder. Also, names files that mean what’s in the files. It helps later when you searching for it.

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