How to Delete Temporary Internet Files on IE7

How to Delete Temporary Internet Files for IE7

1. Open Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) then Go to Tools>Delete Browsing History…

2. You can delete following things one at a time or delete all at once:

  • Temporary Internet Files- these files are copied locally to your computer every time you visit a website.
  • Cookies- These files stores your settings and login info.
  • History- These are www address stored.
  • Form data- These are forms that you fill out on websites.
  • Passwords- These are the password that you saved for secured sites.

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How To Run Disk Clean UP

Why you run Disk Clean Up?

Because running disk clean makes your computer run faster and your hard drive last longer.  Also, you will gain more free disk space.

  1. Go to START>RUN> type in “cleanmgr” then hit ENTER
  2. This dialog box comes up: select the checkbox which you want to delete, it will give you Description on the bottom of each so you get an idea if you want to delete it or not
  3. Then click ok

NOTE: Time it takes to run this may very depend on how much data it need to delete and speed of your computer.

That’s it you should gain some free disk space.

How to Organize your files

Organizing Files

Organizing files on your computer is very important. It can get out of control very easily without you noticing until you come to dead end. When you see the message that says’s “low disk space” that’s when you realize that you been saving files that you did not needed or already saved somewhere else. What do you do? Then quick solution is copy files from one place to another place. But, when you needed it you don’t know where it is so you download again and save it until you see message again “low disk space” Continue reading “How to Organize your files”