How to Delete Temporary Internet Files on IE7

How to Delete Temporary Internet Files for IE7

1. Open Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) then Go to Tools>Delete Browsing History…

2. You can delete following things one at a time or delete all at once:

  • Temporary Internet Files- these files are copied locally to your computer every time you visit a website.
  • Cookies- These files stores your settings and login info.
  • History- These are www address stored.
  • Form data- These are forms that you fill out on websites.
  • Passwords- These are the password that you saved for secured sites.

The recommended option is to delete all for the security of your information’s while you browse the Internet. Even though secured sites have encryptions, but hackers can break it and steal your personal information.

3. When you click “delete all” you will get this dialog box selectalso delete files and settings stored by add-on’s.” Some sites require you to install add-on’s to view their site and some of these add-ons are not safe so you can delete unless you know they are safe. Once you make your selection click “Yes

Another way to delete Temporary files is:

1. Open Internet Explorer then Click Tools>Internet Options

2. Click on Delete…

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