How to Access your computer from Home or anywhere in the world

It’s not that hard to setup your computer to be access from outside the network and anywhere in the world. There is few things you need to know how to setup and how to use it after you setup. You have three different options: One through ISP (Internet Service Provider), Second software and third through internet services.

First Option:

You can pay extra $5 dollars or so to get your own static IP address. And configure your router to allow access from outside.

Second option:

Let’s look at software that allows you to let you have access to your computer from outside/anywhere in the world:

· Cross Loop

· Show My PC

· Log Me In


· Go To My PC

· Any Place Control

· And many more

Third Option through services:

You will need to sign up for DNS (Domain Name System) services there are many out there:

I use

For complete list of all DNS providers:

Once you have choose the option that works for you can you can setup your computer to access anywhere from the world. I would highly recommend that you use strong password. I have seen many people use very simple password it’s a risk for your personal data to be get access by hacker.

I will be posting details on next topic to cover each one of these options to finish up the setup…

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