Open Source osTicket system

osTicket is one of the great open source Ticket system.  You can customize the way you like if you know how to code.  They also offer services like other open source projects Installation, customization, Hosted, etc… You can check them out at  What I want to say my two cent is, based on what I know and been testing and knowing for few years and now I am using the osTicket in a live environment with 3 departments, this is truly one of the support systems, that have all common function you would look in the support system.  I have tested and used other open source ticket system, most if not all lack some basic function, which available if you get premium support.  osTicket, only thing is lacking is Advance Reporting/theme/nested help topic (been hearing rumor ver. 2.0 will have more options), which I don’t really use it at the moment.  I have changed it the way I like it with a few CSS styles changes and very little PHP code.

  • It can take incoming email, web portal, API and convert it into a ticket, you have options to send alert to a user, manager, an agent.
  • It has options to setup multiple departments, so it’s it feels seamless for Agents/Users.
  • It has a plugin for LDAP so a user doesn’t need to remember another username/password to submit a ticket.
  • You can add custom fields into your own form/lists.
  • You can add SLA’s (Service Level Agreements) across or for each department can have their own SLA’s.
  • It has Ticket filters for incoming tickets so you can set up to automate of ticket routing or block it.
  • and much more they are adding more

Note: one thing you have to understand in open source project is, if you use out of the box and continue updating as they release updates then it’s great.  If you customize, then you will have to keep track of your changes and would have to reapply it after the updates.

Hope this helps someone who is looking to have their own support system, without paying the high price commercial system, thank you for the great system to osTicket team, for their very hard work

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