How to Create Windows 10 USB media

  • USB flash drive with at least 8GB of space or more
  • Windows PC with Internet access (you could download just ISO and burn it on USB)
  • You will need Windows Key unless your computer has it built in, most new computers do or have a sticker on the bottom of the computer.
You can download it from Microsoft: It will put the temporary download by default to C drive, so make sure you have some free space
Once you have downloaded the Tool, then double click it to run it Read the License terms and click Accept
Select the Create installation media, Then Click Next
Select Create installation media
Choose your Language, Architecture type: 64-bit, 32-bit or both and Edition
Then you will be given the option to choose media type: Select USB flash drive and click next
If you already have the USB plugged in, it will display make sure it’s the correct one then click Next Please make sure to your USB drive is blank and correct one, it will wipe out anything you have on that USB drive
Then it will start downloading the Windows 10, depending on your internet speed this may take a few minutes to hours. Once finish the download, you may need to click Next or it will just go to the next step automatically
You will see Creating Windows 10 media once finished downloading
If everything went well you should see Your USB flash drive is Ready
That’s it

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