How to add new user to office 365

Office 365 is becoming very popular for home/business users. Its subscription-based service from Microsoft, it offers more than just office suite. If you are small, medium or larger business, using Microsoft office, this is best option for you have a business plan. Here is quick how to add a new user to your office 365 account. You would need to be an admin, otherwise, you will not get to add new user.

Office 365 user login:
Office 365 admin login :

Once you are logged in you should see Admin if you have the rights, if you don’t see Admin, that means you are not an admin.

Once you have clicked on admin you should see Microsoft 365 admin center, where you will have options to manage users. To add user click on Add a user

Fill in New user details and select the Product license, then click on Add

Then you should see summary of user account details and also Next steps links, in case you want to make changes or add more users

That’s it, Microsoft do many changes/add/remove products and service of office 365, so screenshots might be different, but you get the Idea, it’s very easy to manage.

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