How to upgrade osTicket to 1.14.1

osTicket v1.14.1 is released today November 21, 2019, it’s open-source ticket system. You can find full release notes at For osTicket version 1.14.1 PHP version 7.0 to 7.3, 7.3 is recommended. The process is the same as before just make sure you have a good backup of database and osTicket files.

The Upgrade process is very simple, I am doing 1.12 to 1.14.1

  • Make sure you have a good backup of Database and files of osTicket
  • Then put the system in the offline mode: by going to URL of your osTicket support ticket /scp/settings.php
  • Download the new version from and choose the osTicket Core, v1.14.1 (Latest Release) don’t download any Languages or plugins, you can add them after to void issues with the upgrade.
  • Upload to your server v. 1.14.1 and replace current files/folders from the Upload folder from your downloaded, and exclude the script folder/files. Also, Maintain the directory hierarchy any changes could cause an issue with the upgrade process or something might not work well.
    • Optional: Script folder only needed if you are using remote piping, so if you are not using remote piping don’t upload.
  • Make sure NOT to replace your \include\ost-config.php which does not include in the download.

Make sure you have the correct permission, then go to the URL/SCP of the osTicket system and log in, you should see osTicket Upgrader, make sure your Prerequisites are all good, if any errors correct it, then click Start Upgrade Now

Then you will get Migrate to osTicket v1.14.1, click Upgrade now
My screenshot shows 1.14 because at the time 1.14.1 was not out. If you were to do an upgrade from 1.14 to 1.14.1 there is no database change so you will not see the upgrade screen.

If everything goes well you should see Upgrade Completed! screen

After the installation

Delete the /setup folder and update any customization you may have, test it, then once all is good you can put the system back online. Also, remove the write permission to \include\ost-config.php to secure your config. If you have customized PHP core files, those need to be re-applied after the upgrade. Also, make sure your plugins are good, if needed upgrade do so, make sure it supported version. Good luck

Also make sure to enable new feature Link and Merge tickets, by default it’s off

If you are looking at a list of open tickets you will see two new options:

Link: The ability to link tickets and Merge – the ability to merge tickets

Documentation on how to use it:

If you have click on the ticket, then option for Link and Merge ticket are shown when clicked on the arrow next to gear icon:

Official documentation:
Link to: Changelog and Community forum:

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