Benchmark solid state drive performance

It’s worth replacing your old spinning drive with a solid-state drive, take a look at my post on how to clone old drive to Samsung solid state drive or San Disk. If your computer is just running slow, take a look at the performance to see which part of your computer is slowing down. Most likely it’s a hard drive, there are cases CPU, Memory and maybe network connection cause slowness. Here I have done a benchmark of spinning drive and solid state drive, so you can see the big difference between it.

Looking at task manager while using old spinning drive, if you click on the Disk it will give you more details of which application using it.

Looking at task manager while using the solid state drive, this is more like normal PC should be like on load usage of CPU, Memory, Disk etc…

Benchmark on old spinning drive:

Benchmark on solid state drive:

You can see big differences between spinning drive and solid state drive. This saves you time and frustration of waiting for your application to load. It also help you get things done faster, so now you will have more time to enjoy.

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